Lords of Metal reviews Thoughts Betrayed : Recollection

A simple CD-R with a few boring A4 pages was dropped into my post-box recently. Thoughts Betrayed is the band name and it is a two piece, made up of guitarists Dave Cardwell and Zack Uidl. One should not be prejudiced but somehow my expectations weren't too high. Ha! How wrong can you be? Never judge a book by its cover is proven right once again here. Bloody hell, what an album Recollection turns out to be! As Dream Theater is very often mentioned as an influence, a band like Nevermore is also mentioned more and more. Cardwell and Uidl added some Symphony X and I also hear some Devin Townsend-like things here and there and so it is obvious that this album is of high quality.

Thoughts Betrayed is the first real band with these two guys, but both of them were active in the circuit already as session and instruction musicians. The decision to form this band will be proven right and wise because there is a great interest for music like this. Too bad that the promo was so low key but that also reinforces the fact that it is the music that is most important. A visit to the website shows that there is a good and well fitting image given to the band. Recollection sounds great, direct, full and in your face. The recording experience of these two gentlemen can be heard easily. The music features some great guitar solos and apart from that Dave Cardwell sings very well too! I'm quite amazed that this album has been created by just two guys because I hear a firm band with their feet firmly on the ground here. I'm very enthusiastic about this album and when they will tour in the summer of 2008 I hope for all prog metal fans in Europe that they won't be left out.

Rating: 91/100 - Winston from Lords of Metal