Q-Tuner Neodymium Pickups

When I first started hearing about the Q-Tuner Neodymium guitar pickups, I had to get more information as soon as possible. After a short review of the website I was convinced and ordered the GL-7 High Z and Super High Z 7-string guitar pickups. The customer service wasgreat due to their knowledgeable and kind staff and they made this experience very personal and even guided me in finding the pickupsthat were perfect for my playing style and what I do in the music industry. When the pickups arrived, I opened the box and thought to myself, "these look incredible." The craftsmanship and the attention to detail that went into making each pickup was astonishing. I had never seen this amount of work and commitment go into a making a pickup ever before. After having them installed, I rushed home to test them out with my rig.

As soon as I turned the rig on and plugged in my guitar, I was amazed and could not believe how amazing the sounds that were coming from my guitar were. The clarity of each note, no matter how high my gain settings were, was far beyond anything that I had ever experienced with any other pickup. Each note was clearly audible and even when playing full 7-string chords. I was in awe when I realized that I could play 7-string scales and arpeggios without the tonebeing sacrificed when the low end of my instruments were reached. In my playing style, progressive-rock, fusion, and instrumental shred guitar, it is very important to have the perfect dynamic response. The Neodymium Q-Tuner pickups delivered just what I needed. Whether I am playing 100 notes per minute or 1500 notes per minute, each note is dynamically perfect and audible without the notes bleeding together. And, on top of this, the sustain that these pickups offeris beautiful and long lasting. The tone and dynamic ranges never ceases to impress audiences.

When Q-Tuners say that they are "a revolutionary new approach to passive pickup design," they really mean it. I used to use active pickups almost exclusively, but after hearing these pickups, I will not be using any others. The range of the sonic spectrum that ispicked up from these pickups literally cannot be matched be any other pickup. These high-performance pickups are 100% perfect for every situation. Whether playing live, in recording studios, or just in your home, these pickups will allow the endless emotions to travel directly from your heart and through your guitar. I do not ever go to a studio for session work, go to a venue to perform, or practice at my home studio without these pickups in my guitars. No matter what environment I am in, everyone is always amazed at the incredible sound that these pickups are producing.I am honored and proud to endorse such an incredible product. Thank you Q-Tuner neodymium pickups for such a fantastic relationship.

Zack Uidl