Colleague Testimonials

After working with Zack Uidl in the recording studio, it became apparent that I was working with a gifted and talented musician. With great proficiency and skill, Zack learned several songs within a week and was able to record them very quickly. I feel confident that these songs will now get the attention of producers and record labels as I submit them with excellent guitar playing. As a producer and arranger, it is always nice to know excellent musicians who can learn quickly and dedicate himself to a project.

Jim Molina owner of The Oakbrook Academy of Music & Art and Blue Studios Recording


Zack is one of the coolest guitarists I've met in the business… great player and a great guy. Any student or band would be fortunate to be involved with him.

Nick Layton professional guitarist, composer and instructor


Zack Uidl first came to me as young student still in High School. I immediately saw two things in Zack. The first was MASSIVE amounts of musical potential. The second was a young kid with self-doubt about what he might be able to achieve both as a musician and as a professional musician in the music industry. Over time, Zack finally came to believe in both his musical talents, but also in the very real possibility of evolving into a professional guitars and musician. There now exists a new power within Zack. A FIRE that continually grows in him. The fire burns stronger with the increasing fuel of desire. Zack's talents today are light years from where they began. That trend will continue to grow each day. Much lies within the grasp of this young guitarist!

Tom Hess professional guitarist, composer and instructor


Zack is a rare combination of a great guitarist and a great teacher. His talent and drive set him apart from most guitarists of today. I taught together with Zack at the "Next Step" guitar clinic in Oak Brook, IL and I was very impressed by his musical skills as well as his teaching abilities.

Mike Philippov professional guitarist, composer and instructor


When I first met Zack, it was immediately clear what a genuinely nice person he is, and how incredibly hard he works, not to mention his massive musical talent. Now that I've had the chance to work with him closely on an upcoming album project, Zack's many strengths and abilities are as obvious as they are indispensable. His effortlessly fluid lead technique, his advanced grasp of composition and rhythm, his work ethic and attitude have all been critical to the success of this project, and I know those same qualities will ensure the success of many more to come. I'm looking forward to working with Zack again, and would recommend his abilities highly to anyone.

Dave Cardwell professional guitarist, composer and instructor


I have been working with Zack for almost a year teaching together at JC's guitars. In that time I have seen a whole lot of focus and dedication put into his teaching. Not only that, I have also seen a lot of dedication from his students. It takes a certain type of teacher to be able to get his students involved and determined enough to produce such results. It takes a teacher of high quality. I have personally experienced his teaching capabilities at the "The Next Step" guitar workshop in which he gave indepth and thorough descriptions with examples of progressive guitar techniques and ideas. I was impressed by his approach. He was able to present the information in a very understandable and creative way! Zack really impresses me with the amount of work he gets done in such a small amount of time. What can I say Zack? YOU DA MAN!

Alex Boccia professional guitarist, composer and instructor


Zack Uidl is a phenomenal guitarist who has profound knowledge and wisdom in not only the composing and playing of music, but also instructing others in it. I was honored to share the stage with him and discuss different compositional techniques at "The Next Step" guitar clinic in Oak Brook, IL at the Oak Brook Academy of Music and Art. I can honestly state that the music industry is in for a bright new virtuoso with something important to say.

Kole (Kyle Hicks) professional media composer, guitarist and instructor


Zack Uidl is a very talented and versatile guitarist. His interest and knowledge of the many different music genres has only enhanced his overall musicianship. He certainly has a bright future ahead of him as a musician, performer, and teacher.

Dr. Thomas Takayama Department Chair of Music, McHenry County College


Zack is a great guitar player. It is great to see a player with not just a strong technical background but also an interest in theory and different styles of music. You can tell he has a true love for music and will produce nothing but quality.

Tim Gibson guitarist


I have had the great honor and opportunity to play along side this amazing guitar player in a jazz ensemble. He is very knowledgable at guitar and is always helping me to progress in the fine music of jazz. His knowledge of music and musical genres are extensive, and he moves from genere to genere with great ease. His advice has been very helpful. I would describe Zack's playing style nothing short of virtuosic.

Adam DeVries guitarist


Zack Uidl is one of the most extraordinary guitarists/musicians that I have performed with! And that is an understatement my friends! I have had the opportunity of performing along side him numerous times for the WCA. Being a drummer, I was so intrigued with his amazing ability to play a guitar. His amazing technique and ability exceeds many whom are twice even three times his age. His dedication and interest of this instrument just shows you how much he loves the guitar. You can expect to hear a lot more from him in the future. Zack, I have learned so much through performing and playing with you. Thanks for being a great friend and inspiration. Keep it up!!! My blessings are always with you. God Bless.

Eric "SKI" Prusinski guitarist


Zack is one smokin guitar player. Not only does he play the "normal" 6 strings better than most people I know, he takes on one more and that is just sick. Zack has a profound understanding of music and theory and is always trying to bend and break the bar of developing new musical styles and sounds. He has a fantastic heart of a teacher as well and is always my first referral to people when they ask about guitar lessons because I know he has patience and is able to communicate even the basics of guitar in an easily understandable way. That is why I think the DVDs will be a great tool! Zack is always a pleasure to work with. Keep it up dude.

Joel Johns Worship/Music Director, WCCC, McHenry County


Zack plays with an awesome command of the guitar. Whether it's flowing melodies, intricate rhythms or full on shred, he is a top notch player. He is also a pleasure to know as a person, full of passion and fire for music and life.

Lee Carlson guitarist


Zack Uidl is one of the most serious musicians I've ever met or could even think of. His dedication to his instrument and craft is the kind you hear stories about years later. He is a focused individual who can achieve most anything he puts his mind to, and when it comes to the guitar, the amount of time and effort he has put in is more than evident. He continues to push his talents to greater levels constantly, and he is definitely in the upper echelon of his contemporaries. Zack is a train that if you choose to hook your car behind, he will lead you far.

Sam Hasting guitarist