Student Feedback

Zack Uidl is a true virtuoso of guitar as well as a master of theory and audio engineering. He is easily one of the most talented musicians and instructors that I've ever met. He has an incredible ability to break down exercises and techniques and explain them in ways that the student can grasp and understand. His methods of teaching can take any student's guitar playing to the next level, whether the student is a beginner or highly advanced player. Zack is a truly inspiring musician and above all he is a hard working, great guy that strives to see his students meet their goals.
James Logalbo guitar/music student,


Hi Zack, You are a truly great teacher and I really want to tell you that. Not because I am getting results but just a bunch of other things I have picked up in the way you teach me and the things you say. I really got 100% better these last 2 lessons but even more you have inspired me to also become a better and better teacher. I could never see how teaching could be rewarding but this last 4 weeks my students have also progressed so much and we have really started to build relationships which is totally awesome. So basically thank you for making me a better guitar player and a better teacher. Thanks again and keep well.
George Engelbrecht guitar/music student


I have been studying with Zack for several months now and can highly recommend him. Why? Results!! Zack has a strong foundation in music theory and is an accomplished player, songwriter, and session musician. He is the real deal, not a student teaching a student. Zack is able to explain complex theoretical concepts in simple, understandable terms, and is very patient and professional. Zack is motivating and really cares about your development. Best of all, he shows you how to quickly implement musical tools and concepts into your playing. I learned many scales and arpeggios in the past that I never used because I did not recognize how or when to apply them in real musical situations. Zack showed me how. If it is results you desire, whether for reading, improvising, songwriting or related topics, Zack is the teacher for you.
Frank Picha guitar/music student


Zack Uidl is definitely an accomplished musician and teacher so when my son wanted to start lessons with him, I knew that he'd learn music. What I didn't know, is how much Zack would influence my son's character. Zack has an honest interest in the development of his students as people, not just musicians. As a parent of a teenager I can't tell you the joy it brings me to have someone like Zack involved in my son's life. Zack is far more than a great guitar teacher. He is an amazing role model for my son, showing him how to pursue his passion for music, and at the same time, how to stay true to who he was created to be in the world. What a gift!
Kathleen Long parent of guitar/music student


Although I've only been taking lessons with Zack for a short period of around 5 months, he has helped me learn so much. Not only has he guided me through how to play guitar properly, helping me with techniques, and giving me helpful pointers when needed, he has also helped me to understand much about how music is created using scales, chords, arpeggios and so on. When I first met him I was dumbfounded at how good of a guitarist he was, and still am. Though only knowing him for a few months, I can, with confidence, say that Zack is an astonishingly good guitarist, a dedicated musician, a helpful and understanding teacher, and one hell of a funny guy. I can honestly say that studying with Zack has helped me improve myself as a guitarist and a musician.
John Wright guitar/music student


As an instructor, Zack has a rare combination of gifts - amazing musical skill, tons of patience, and a strong ability to teach. I cam to the lessons with a modest skill level having learned on my own through trial and error. Lead a worship team I am asked to sing, play my guitar, arrange the songs, and work with the band. Zack was quickly able to determine how best to approach our sessions. Everything I learned was able to directly apply to what I was playing at the time and find I continue to use these skills on a regular basis. Even though I signed up for guitar lessons, I learned much more that just chords and picking patterns. Zack has a broad range of musical knowledge and was able to pass on tips for song arranging and working with my band that have made me a better worship leader and musician. Zack is easy to work with, flexible, and very patient. I would highly recommend Zack as an instructor for anyone who wants more than just guitar basics - he will help you become a better musician.
Gidget Kirk guitar/music student


Zack has been able to help and challenge me to get me so much further in my own practice and creativity, and reaching my own goals in such a short amount of time. He goes out of his way to work with me without hesitation. Every problem or question I have had, Zack has been able to help in such a way that is easy to understand and apply.

Robert Harris guitar/music student


Zack has helped my realize my goals and act on them in a confident manner. Every lesson is filled to the brink with more information and I always leave feeling excited and ready to try new things.

Derek Allen guitar/music student


There are early bloomers and there are late bloomers. There are the "gifted" and there are the "ed-gifts". There are the young and there are mind; the late bloomers. My first day of lessons with this "musical prodigy" (as I was informed) was exciting, but also a little scary. A "little" past my prime I was finally about to begin what had been a life long hope and dream of mine; music lessons. Learning to read, write and play music! As Miss "C" from JC's was walking with me to my first lesson I hesitated and looked at her and asked, "Does he know I don't know ANYTHING?" I don't know what I was expecting to find, but what I found was a very talented, gifted, humble, passionate, dedicated, very patient, young teacher with a big heart! What I don't understand, Zack rearranges and puts it in a way that I can understand, to learn and grow. To slow himself down in time and in talent to teach me is a wonderful gift and a testimony of his character. Gifted teachers who know their stuff and want to see their students succeed have a niche' at customizing their student's lessons so they'll be able to do just that. Making hopes and dreams come true. Far and few in between is this young man who I'm honored to have met and have as my instructor and friend. This late bloomer is grateful for the musical ed-gift from the young gifted early bloomer. Anyone; young, late bloomers or in between, beginner, intermediate or pro would be lucky to have Zack as a teacher and/or project partner! Blessings and all the best for you in all your future endeavors!

Tami Sanders guitar/music student


Zack has been an outstanding instructor for the year and a half I've been taking lessons with him. I actually switched from another music shop to take lessons with him because he seemed to fit my learning style much better. Not only was it obvious he knew how to play well, but also how to take the time to help me play better too. Going to my lessons with Zack is something I still look forward to each week even though I have to wake up early on Saturdays. Great times with a Great Guitar Instructor!

Mike Horn guitar/music student


Zack Uidl- THE coolest guitar player I know or know of. He's helped me, in just the short time I've known him, to increase my playing ability by alot. He's an amazing guitar player and is always cool about anything guitar related or anything else. Since even the first time I met him I instantly felt comfortable talking to him, which is rare with people that are older than me or are teachers. Just the fact that I can E-mail him and he has own website is awesome, I mean come onnnnn! It's pretty cool at school I can log on to his website and show a video of him playing and say, "Yeah thats MY guitar teacher." Right now I would've been stuck in a one-mode/scale style of playing if it weren't for him. He is a true inspiration to me and I admire him greatly. He is Superman.

Uriah Fracassi guitar/music student


Zack, you are the greatest music teacher I have ever had. You have been one of my biggest inspirations for wanting to improve my guitar playing. You made it easy for me to learn and always kept me learning. I am definitely honored to be one of your students. I'm so glad I can still learn from you even though I live 1200 miles away. If I would not have taken lessons from you I don't know where I would be. I'm so glad to have met you and hope to keep in touch with you throughout life.

Eli Wekony guitar/music student


There are only two words that can describe Zack Uidl. Those words are sheer brilliance. When I first started taking lessons with a different instructor, all I got out of that was playing Louie Louie. Then I began lessons with Zack, everything changed. I learned so much in such little time. In two months, I learned more from him than I have in 5 months of self-teaching and the other lessons. I knew that Zack was the only person that could teach me what I wanted to achieve as a guitarist. Everything I know about guitar is from Zack Uidl, guitarist extraordinaire, musical genius, but most of all an AMAZING TEACHER. Thanks for everything.

Nels Johnson guitar/music student


I have been studying with Zack Uidl for a little over 6 months and I can honestly say that without him I would have no idea where I would be right now. Zack is a very motivated and inspiring person to be around on so many different levels even other than music. Every week I take a lesson with him I feel that I am much closer to reaching my goals as a musician. Studying under Zack has showed me a world of opportunities that I once thought were not possible. His ability to overcome obstacles as a musician and never quit is astounding and seems to never slow down. He is the man. Put on your seatbelts people because what I am about to tell may shock you. Zack, at his young age, has already done things that most people only hope to come close to accomplishing in a lifetime. Zack is a professional guitarist with international recognition and is endorsed by numerous companies, on of which is currently designing his own 8-string guitar model, yeah… not six, not seven…but eight strings (Conklin Guitars). He has studied with countless virtuoso/professional teachers and he constantly releases instructional products and books as well as numerous articles on various websites. He gives guitar clinics all over the world and has taught at Camp Jam, played with tons of well-known musicians around the world, and writes and records his own music for CDs. He is also a session guitarist that does projects for tons of different things. And to top it all, he is kind enough to take the little time he has to share his knowledge and talent with the rest of us who want to follow our dreams as he did. Maybe that seems weird to say but after your teacher says that he hasn't slept in 3 days and he drink a pots of coffee each day, yet still makes time to help you reach your goals, makes you appreciate a lot. He is always willing to help his students out anyway he can, even is its not at the lesson. I cannot even guess how many times I have directly contacted Zack because of a small question or problem. I would usually be hesitant of asking a great virtuoso guitarist questions about things I know are small, but Zack is always trying to make his students into the musician they want to become. If I weren't studying with Zack I would see my huge dreams as a far fetched fantasy that would only seem possible in the twilight zone. But after taking one lesson, out of the many lessons I have had with him, I have realized that with a burning passion and a great teacher, anything is very well possible. If anyone is in search to make their dream into a reality, whether you are a beginner or 20 year wood shedder, I would STRONGLY recommend Zack Uidl not only as a teacher, but also a good friend. I know seems a little bit cheesy but I assure you that you will quickly discover that it is the truth. Do yourself a favor people…

Justin Reckamp guitar/music student


Zack Uidl is one of the most talented musicians I've ever heard of and a cool person to have met and been taught by. His playing skills and knowledge of music surpass many. One of the hardest working people I know that wants to go and acheive his goals, his dreams. His knowledge of theory and technique is a force to be reckoned with a unique style of playing and a vast range of music genres in his arsenal of musical weaponery. His talent is great and knowledge will grow and will become one of the best ever. A dream that will one day soon be fufilled by this outstanding, musically inclined human being. It's an honor to be a student of Zack Uidl and I look forward to every lesson I have with him and am willing to learn and practice whatever he throws at me. A great guitarist, a great musician, teacher, and friend. He's got an AXE and he's not afraid to use it!

Trevor Scott guitar/music student


Zack, you are avery talented musician, and I am very grateful that you are my teacher. Even when I don't understand how to do something you always have a better way of telling me so I do understand. I have never heard anyone play the guitar the way you do. You are very dedicated to the guitar and to all of your students. I like the way you take so many diffrent genres of music and put them together. You inspire me to keep practicing and strive to be a better guitar player.

Brian Tabick guitar/music student